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DJ Peisch - Si & Si

The Spanish DJ Peisch makes his debut on GaGa Records with the soul-stirring track "Si & SI". The record comes laden with lingering synth chords. The track is undeniably stunning record that lets its captivating melody do all the work.

Release date: 21/09/2018 Worldwide

Dj Peisch was born in Madrid, is a figure more than consolidated in the electronic music scene. An artist with a very personal style full of energy, rhythm and elegance, which leaves no one indifferent in his strong Sets and Productions .

For almost 30 years he has configured his electronic musical culture, performing in different halls and nightclubs such as Zayre (first camera) Hook, Home, La Riviera, Barcelo Theater, Coco Beach (Alicante) Fantasy Summer Festival among many others.

DJ Peisch Sets and Productions play from the Deep, House, Tech-House to the most powerful Techno. has worked for labels such as Contrase� Theater, Coco Beach (Alicante) Fantasy Summer Festival among a Records, Itchycoo Records London UK, Ahava Records, Digital Room Records to name few.

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