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Sam Skilz - It's No Good

Sam Skilz is taking the timeless classic 'It's No Good' by Depeche Mode with a fresh, progressive house makeover that's sure to captivate your ears.

In this cover, Sam Skilz strived to pay homage to the original track while infusing it with the dynamic electronic vibes of today. The result is a symphony of pulsating beats, infectious melodies, and euphoric drops that breathe new life into the iconic tune. This revamped version is an ideal addition to the dance floor and your upcoming party playlist.

As a massive admirer of Depeche Mode, Sam Skilz embarked on this remix project with the utmost respect for their musical legacy. The intention was to preserve the heart of the original while leaving Sam Skilz's own indelible mark.

We hope that you'll embrace this reimagined edition with the same enthusiasm that was poured into its creation. Play it LOUD!


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