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GaGa Records. The name is an instant byword for high-quality output and artistic integrity. Founded in 2006, the label has since day one been a leading light in the house music scene. And not just in Luxembourg, where the label is based - the organisation is truly international in both flavour and influence.

The foundations for the label’s success were laid by influential DJ and producer Sam Skilz. Thanks to his startling creative abilities. It was not long before his natural affinity with amazing music drove him to create GaGa Records as a platform for promoting house talent.

The guiding principles of the label are simple. To sign, support and promote a varied roster of innovative artists producing exciting, fresh house music. Dedicated to supporting new talent as well as bringing the hits with established producers, the GaGa Records stable is as diverse and exciting as any other in the world today.

It is not an overstatement to say that the label is making a culturally significant contribution to dance music. Not only is the music it releases a joy to experience, it is also the fertile ground from which the GaGa In Da House party concept has sprouted.

GaGa In Da House and the Skilz Session are parties experience like no other. Combining top name DJs with stunning visuals, live performance artists, musicians and more, it is unsurprising that the team have taken the party worldwide. Transforming clubs from Miami to Berlin, the GaGa In Da House reputation tempts out the most discerning clientele of each city for a night infused with passion and wonder.

Whether it is a festival in Stockholm or a club in Sydney, each GaGa In Da House experience is a different, yet tied by the common thread of the unforgettable party atmosphere. Despite only being founded in 2010, the event’s reputation has already gone supernova, making it highly in demand for bookings.

As GaGa records looks to the future and continues to seek ways to innovate it places itself firmly at the cutting edge of the house music scene. Both with its selection of artists and with the GaGa In Da House party concept it is making a firm statement of intent. GaGa records is here to stay, and it will always be fantastic!

GaGa Records Houe Music Label

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