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Thord Yordo feat. MissuM - Let Me Be

The Swedish artist ,Thord Yordo, returns to GaGa Records with his new uplifting House Track "Let Me Be," featuring the lovely and strong vocal of MissuM, after his hit "Somebody To House." The track has everything you need to shake shizzle up on the dancefloors this summer!

Thord Yordo and MissuM have worked together for many years. Both being from Malmö, they often hanging out in the studio, experimenting with different creations. But when it’s time to record, Thord Yordo gets kicked out of the studio. The camera shy MissuM wants privacy when she is recording. (Not sure if she knows you can still hear her from outside of the studio ... ) Since MissuM ’ s move to the Swedish mountains, the live studio sessions are much less frequent, but they still keep working together digitally. After Thord Yordo’s latest smash hit ‘Somebody to love’, with almost a million streams, we cannot wait to hear his latest hit – ‘Let Me Be’ feat. MissuM!

Play It LOUD!

Release date: 22nd of July 2022

Territory: Worldwide

We have two killer remixes from Swedish producers Földes and Eric Ryer, and GaGa Records is happy to bring them to the dance floor! Are you ready?

Remixes release date: the of December 2022

Territory: Worldwide


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