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Sam Skilz & DJ Peisch - Gifted

2 of GaGa's most exciting talents combine for the first time to deliver an explosive progressive, melodic house anthem. Sam & Peisch brings you a production with an endless progression of energy. Like the Sirens calling you to shore, this track is just the right kind of tweaky, inducing waves of Pantheistic inspirations.

Gifted is coming with powerful rhythm equipped with blissful synth melodies, strong on the peak time dance floor vibes. The Duo has created a journey of a composition, ever growing and expanding with new layers of great melodies and textures, held together by a warm bassline, and driven forward by intricate shuffling percussive elements.

Play it LOUD!

Genre: Melodic House/ Progressive House

Release date:

- 05/02/2021 Exclusive at Beatport

- 12/02/2021 Main Release worldwide Main Release Date


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