November 18, 2018

Alex Deft is making his debuts on GaGa Records with this stunning EP release. "My Breath" leads the way here and this is pure, peak-time tech house mayhem! A rolling and funky groove, classy stabs and a catchy vocal. The second track "Vacuum" takes up an equally as dynamic aesthetic combining deep sounds and raw synths.

Alex Deft is a young and talented producer from Russia , who recently set out on the path of creating electronic music, sharpened his attention to such a style as Tech House.

Alex productions have been receiving support from artists such as Stiv Hey, Frederick Stunkel, Rob Holme. As well as support from Gr...

November 1, 2018

The Duo Miss MAD & Sam Skilz invite you to experience their melodic infused techno spheres. The Luxembourg based DJs and producers prepared a well crafted track called “Casablanca” A techno weapon with a subtle melodic groove.

Casablanca is infused with a multitude of emotions like love, hope, melancholy or desire. While details like subtle reverberating tapping and sparkling ambient textures sound like recorded deep down in a dripstone cave, the overall energetic layout pushes relentlessly to the heights of peaktime-grandeur Play, Listen and dance!

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