September 4, 2020

Zero Gravity is rich in energy and beginning to send you on a trip somewhere into a place with no gravity. The Ukrainian Producer P.W.R.D brings a hypnotic synth that glues everything together, subtly introducing a bright lead which hangs over everything like a comet. The breakdown builds beautifully into a bridge which expertly ramps the tension into a final breakdown.

Release date 18/09/2020 exclusive @ Beatport

Worldwide digital stores release: date 25/09/2020

July 31, 2020

Sam Skilz and Miss MAD unleash their fourth collaborative release, ‘Behind The Doors’, with 2 potent progressive house cuts for GaGa Records. ‘Behind The Doors’ is atmospherically haunting, armed with a catchy melodic hook, airy synth waves, a brooding bass and tension filled drops. Ramping up the feel good factor is ‘Connected’, laced with celestial synth melodies and an infectious hook that cheerfully twirls over a slamming groove.

March 2, 2020

Sam Skilz starts his new year with a bang, unleashing GaGa Records 100th release, with a tasty new 2020 Re-Visioned package of his 2012 release 'Don't Stop Pushing’, featuring vocalist Kameron Ray. Bringing things right up to date and brandishing a smoking progressive house vibe, 'Don't Stop Pushing’ is made up of beautifully produced layers of soaring synths, hypnotic hooks and ominous, tension building undertow’s, all charged with crisp driving beats and a catchy vocal. With a potent instrumental mix on the package too, this release has crossover appeal for both the underground and more commercial floors.

Release date:...

January 17, 2020

Never breaking traditions, The Portuguese producer is kicking off January 2020 with our first release of the year.

December 12, 2019

The Duo Sam Skilz & Miss MAD are Setting in this release, the groove on the edge between the dark and the light. They have captured their signature sound of melodic driving synth lines, effective bassline & organic drums in three masterpieces.

"Outta Control" is an emotive club track, designed for creating key moment during a progressive & Melodic Techno set.

Release date: 10/12/2109



October 3, 2019

Following the success of their debut joint single ‘Casablanca’ earlier this year, Luxembourg based duo Sam Skilz and Miss MAD join forces again, delivering a giant slab of Progressive House titled ‘After Life’. Driven by a contagious melodic hook that beautifully oscillates between octaves and sounds, ebbing and flowing over a back drop of creative beats, atmospheric synth washes and tension filled stabs, ‘After Life’ comes with all the essential credentials to smash the peak time floors!

GaGa Records / GR197 

Release Date: 04/10/2019


August 24, 2019

The Spanish Deejay and producer DJ Peisch returns to GaGa records with his second massive dance floor weapon.

'Karma' is an outstanding Melodic Techno track with hypnotic plucks, immersive atmospheres and a super elaborative groove that can get everyone on the dance floor moving hard.

You just can't go wrong with this anthem that will work on any underground dance floor. Join this well thought journey into the melodic world of Techno.

Release Date: 06/09/2019


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August 1, 2019

Sam Skilz continues to explore the darker side of the electronic underground, revealing his new progressive house romp titled ‘Underworld’. Underpinned by a driving percussive groove.

‘Underworld' is powered by a menacing hook which bubbles over a platter of eerie synth waves and comes armed with a combustible tension building breakdown, unleashing a rush of suspense and anxiety before blasting back into the groove. 

May 31, 2019

Loopus K Feat. Louis Hale - The Message (Original) injects a hell of a lot of soul on top of a thundering bassline. Its fierce spoken vocal gives this record anthem quality that GaGa team loves and we are sure you will enjoy too. With its immense classic house sound, this isn't just a fall anthem; this record is here for the long haul. The single comes alongside with a remix by Sam Skilz loaded with a progressive house sound, heavy basslines and twisted melody. Sam brings the track firmly down to earth by pitching down the spoken vocal and make it sound "Dark Soul"

May 17, 2019

New single “Rise”. Delivering a steamy, tension-filled proggy house romp, “Rise” is pumped with cinematic synths, menacing hooks and atmospheric stabs, underpinned by a moody bass throb that gives way to an attention-grabbing breakdown.

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