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Emil Persson - Trumpetia

GaGa In Da House Vol.10 - Summer 15
Lazy Sunday
Thord Yordo


Emil Persson
Release at 31-01-2011
Emil Persson has produced remixes tracks for; Dutch DJ/Producer Martijn Kuilema, the French Mich B. & Milo Lee, Tatjana Orffé, DJ Salah, Electro Noise and many more to come.
Before his namechange from Ferry Fantastico to Emil Persson, Dutch newspapers wrote about him; ,,Ferry Fantastico, remember that name” and ,,Ferry Fantastico is going to make it this year!”
Even the Dutch television spotted ‘Emil’ and made a documentary about him being a DJ and producer.

This is the new track thats Emil serves us with much style and great progressive Grooves. Remixes coming soon...
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